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Environmental Awareness

Image1   At Champion Window and Door, we are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We as a company understand our responsibility to our community, and are committed to responsibly using all resources to safeguard the environments in which we operate. We have implemented valuable aluminum recycling systems to ensure that unused materials are put through the proper channels. Although aluminum is only a small part of the United States' municipal solid waste stream, it remains one of the most valuable recyclable materials. Americans as a whole throw away enough aluminum every three months to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet, and at Champion we do our part to minimize the amount that we contribute to this aggregate amount.
Recycling aluminum is not only important in reducing waste, but is also helpful in minimizing energy-use. Using recycled aluminum to manufacture aluminum cans, for example, uses 96 percent less energy than manufcaturing cans directly from the raw material (bauxite ore). The efficiency gained through utilizing recycled materials also allows for greater reductions in both air and water pollution. Image3
Image2   Champion Window and Door takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability in order to ensure that we help maintain our environment in all areas of our business. Recycling, minimizing waste and pollution, reducing consumption, and providing long-lasting products are all examples of ways in which we control our environmental impact. The committment to environmental maintenance is ifrmly rooted in our corporate culture, and has been since we were founded in 1952.