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Terrace Door

Series 400(Box)/500(Flange) - Terrace Door

Technical Details Features
Box Frame Door (400) Resistor Arm
Flange Frame Door (500) Applied Grids
4 1/2" Box Frame (400) Brushed Chrome Handle Set
2" Flange Frame (500) Three-Point Lock (up to 92")
1" Insulating Glass Four-Point Lock (over 92")
ATW-AW-PG75 Rating (400) Three-Way Adjustable Hinges
ATW-AW-PG60 Rating (500) Fully Thermally-Broken Components
0.125" Nominal Wall Thickness Horizontal/Vertical Mullions
Cut Size on W&H: 1/8" Optional Internal Grids
Minimum Size: 18" x 18" Optional Painted Hinge Finishes
Maximum Test Size: 60" x 114" Optional French Door
400 Testing Results 500 Testing Results
Force to Latch: 10 lbf Force to Latch: 10 lbf
Air Infiltration: 0.09 cfm2 Air Infiltration: 0.08 cfm2
Water Pressure: 12.12 PSF Water Pressure: 12.12 PSF
Load Deflection: 90.28 PSF Load Deflection: 60.19 PSF
Load Structural: 112.85 PSF Load Structural: 90.28 PSF
Entry Resistance: Pass Entry Resistance: Pass
Download Materials for 400: Download Materials for 500:
Click Image to Enlarge (Series 400):
Head Jamb (Hinge) Jamb (Handle) Sill
Head Jamb (Hinge) Jamb (Handle) Sill
Click Image to Enlarge (Series 500):
Head Jamb (Hinge) Jamb (Handle) Sill
Head Jamb (Hinge) Jamb (Handle) Sill