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Commitment to Quality

The Champion Commitment to Quality mission is to produce superior quality products and services - delivered on time at competitive prices to the customers and communities we serve. The dedication of Champion Window and Door is pervasive - from administration to production. We are dissatisfied with any level of defects in our products, service, or information, and always strive to provide the best and most pioneering service possible.

Quality is the responsibility of each and every employee of Champion Window and Door. It is how we measure the degree of excellence with which our products and services satisfy the needs of our customers. Our quality initiative encompasses not only customer care itself, but the safety and health of our employees, the development and control of manufacturing practices, and the way we choose to serve and improve our overall service to our customers.
In order for us to achieve these goals, we must maintain a focus on all of the "processes" the organization performs with the goal of doing all tasks better throughout time. We have adopted a model for achieving our goals. We refer to it as our "Continuous Improvement" or "Kaizen" philosophy.

Our commitment to "Continuous Improvement" is a never-ending process. As our customer requirements and business needs change, we modify and improve processes to adapt to those changes. Understanding the goals and unique requirements of each customer enables us to address changes in processes in an innovative and pro-active manner.

Our quest to achieve total customer satisfaction begins with the notion that there is not only one best way to do things, but through a collaboration of ideas we can consistently improve. We strive to achieve these goals by empowering each and every one of our employees to initiate actions - simple to strategic - in controlling and improving our service and manufacturing processes. Through technical growth and promotion of mutual respect for each other's abilities, we will continually strengthen our core capabilities and improve our output quality.

Champion Window and Door was founded on quality performance for our customers and clients. For more than 52 years, the Champion commitment to superior quality has fueled our past growth and continues as the basis for our future.