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Product Finishes

About the Finishes

All of Champion Window & Door's products come with high performance PPG extrusion coatings.  In a highly diverse world, the various options ensure that there is a perfect solution for every project. The following descriptions can help determine which finish is appropriate for different jobs. For more information, please contact Champion Window and Door.

Duranar® XL Coatings (Eq. 70% Kynar500® XL) – Duranar® XL coatings are fluoropolymer coatings available in three- and four-coat systems. All finishes consist of a primer, a durable color coat, and a protective clear top coat, with four-coat systems including an additional barrier coat between the primer and color coats. The key to the Duranar® XL coating is the clear top coat which provides added protection against the many elements that affect products’ finishes over time. The four-coat system is intended to be used with certain color coats that have deep tones or contain aluminum flake pigments. Meeting AAMA 2605 performance specifications, this high-performance finish is perfect for applications that aim to provide extra protection against aggressive weathering, salt spray, ultraviolet, humidity, and chemical elements, and in which outstanding color and gloss retention are desired.

Duranar® Coatings (Eq. 70% Kynar500®) – Duranar® coatings are two-coat systems consisting of a primer and a durable color coat, and in which 70% of the resin systems are fluoropolymer base resins. Offering great color consistency panel to panel in a wide range of colors, Duranar® coatings provide customers with the choices they deserve when customizing a project. These two-coat systems meet AAMA 2605 performance specifications, and provide protection against many elements including dirt deposits, chemical staining, salt deposits, humidity, and graffiti.

Acrynar® FX Coatings (Eq. 50% Kynar500®) – Acrynar® coatings are two-coat systems consisting of a primer and a durable color coat, and in which 50% of the resin systems are fluoropolymer base resins. Offering various solid and mica colors, Acrynar® finishes offer the versatility required in a world centered on customization. These two-coat systems meet AAMA 2604 performance specifications, and are at home in areas with high volumes of traffic including schools, hospitals, and high-rise condominiums.

Duracron®  Coatings – Duracron® coatings are one-coat systems that provide customers with a wide range of solid, pearlescent, and metallic colors. Meeting AAMA 2603 performance requirements, these coatings are based on thermosetting acrylic resin technology, and offer a good level of film integrity and color control.

Anodized Coatings – Anodized coatings are created using a specific and carefully controlled electrochemical oxidation of aluminum surfaces. The general anodized finish provided with Champion’s products is a 0.4 mil clear anodized coating and is classified as Architectural Class II. The clear anodized finish results in a transparent coating that accentuates the silver-gray metallic property of the aluminum on which it is applied. An optional Class II coating provides a thicker 0.7 mil coating. There are various color options available for products finished with both Class I and II coatings.